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Soviet Worship Cantatas and Oratorios of the Late 1950s – Early 1980s for Children’s Chorus

Автор: Perepich

Cantatas and oratorios for the children’s choir in the USSR at the time of the “thaw” and “developed socialism” are studied in the research paper. The large number of these compositions is the evidence of the certain tradition formation and is determined by the fact that the party leaders gave them great value in guided ideological education of the younger generation. The model of the world approved in the Soviet Union is represented in the compositions for the pioneers, the events of national history are highlighted, the themes of communism development, the succession of generations, patriotism and service to the native land are involved. Musical and poetic means of their implementation are subjected to the problems of affordable, spectacular and vivid representation, creating an appropriate emotional atmosphere. The complex of vivid and recognizable means and techniques, typical of the worship genre of music, such as solemn fanfare entrance, major mode, basis on the genre model of march, song-march, anthem and waltz, referring to the techniques of musical vividness and instrumental theatricality are used in the music.