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Implementation of Instrumental Theatre Principles in Yuri Kasparov’s Opera-Monodrama “Nevermore!”

Автор: Peretokina

This article discusses the speciёc features of the instrumental theatre, which organically penetrates into the opera-monodrama genre, given the example of “Nevermore!” opera-monodrama by the contemporary Russian composer Yuri Kasparov. Such synthesis is of a special research interest while it is a unique phenomenon in the musical culture and outlines new ways of modern musical theatre development. Due to the mutual enrichment of genres within the work, the boundary between a soloist and instrumentalists is erased. Therefore, instrumentalists face a completely new challenge: they become the characters of the stage action. Their actions play a signiёcant role in the drama action of the whole play. However, some of the instruments are involved in the play as decorations. Using them in such a way is symbolic, the meaning of this technique is disclosed in this work.