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Governance principles of collaboration between state and indigenous peoples of Arkhangelsk Governorate-Based on archive materials // Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Contemporary Education and Society Development (ICCESD 2019), Atlantis Press. PP. 154–158.

Автор: Zadorin M.

The legislation of the Russian Empire on the governing of “inorodtsy” was quite progressive for its time due to the securing the rights of indigenous peoples to local selfgovernment for the first time and taking the customs established in the aboriginal communities of the North, Siberia and the Far East into account. At least two groups of the indigenous population lived in the territory of the Arkhangelsk Governorate: Lapps (Sami) and Samoyeds (Nenets). The study of archival data from the Arkhangelsk Governorate for the XIX-early XX centuries allows identifying the principles of indigenous communities of the Russian North regional administration as well as the practice of law enforcement and interaction of regional officials and Russian population with nomadic reindeer-breeders and fishermen. Identifying the historical features of indigenous communities administration in the North-West gives an idea of the evolution of legislation and law enforcement mechanisms in this area of legal relations. Considering the presented practices allows improving the modern regulatory framework for the rights of indigenous small-numbered peoples


Global «Perestroika». Transformations of the World Order

Весь мир: М.

This book is an attempt to make sense of a changing world around us. Stationary state and evolution are interrelated variables of historical process. At times, however, evolution speeds up, ceases to be gradual and turns into a revolution (social, technological or scientific). The global economic crisis of 2007–2009, also referred to as “The Great Recession”, has brought the need for change into foreground. The global world order is amid sweeping changes. A single generation saw a bipolar world of the Cold War fall apart and the illusions and excesses of a unipolar world shatter. Now, according to one view, we are witnessing the emergence of a hierarchical polycentricity or, in another view, a world without poles or a dominant model. Are these views relevant? A new multi-factor tandem of the USA and China is arising. Will their relations stabilize or destabilize global development?

Предпросмотр: Global “Perestroika”. Transformations of the World Order.pdf (0,4 Мб)


Автор: Кудинов Владимир Валерьевич

В данной статье речь идет о современных особенностях взаимодействия бизнеса и органов государственной власти, о понятии взаимодействия власти и бизнеса. Авторами описываются такие категории, как инновации, саэера инноваций, технология, GR технологии; определяется взаимосвязь и сущность государства и бизнеса в инновационной сапере, qbopMbi и проблемы взаимодействия государства и бизнеса в инновационной сфере. Речь идет о необходимости поддержки инновационных предприятий со стороны государства