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The Collapse of the «Humanity» Project. The World in 2050

Автор: Shevchuk Yuri
Страта: СПб.

The writer tells about the current state of the environment and the deep reasons of ecological crisis, gives the forecasts of development of an environmental disaster in various regions, the countries and continents for the future thirty years. The book contains a lot of information about the issues of environmental impact on the life of modern people and environmental prospects. Without laying claims to deep analysis of certain aspects of the challenge, the book is written imaginatively, it is full of unexpected allusions and offers the readers such plot twists that make you look at wellknown things differently.


The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things

Автор: Sterling Bruce
Стрелка Пресс: М.

If the hype is to be believed then the next big thing is the Internet of Things. But is it what you think it is? Because the Internet of Things is not about things on the internet. A world in which all our household gadgets can communicate with each other may sound vaguely useful, but it’s not really for us consumers. The Internet of Things serves the interests of the technology giants, in their epic wrangles with each other. And it is they who will turn the jargon of «smart cities» and «smart homes» into a self-fulfilling prophesy. In this piercing and provocative essay, Bruce Sterling tells the story of an idea that just won’t go away because there’s too much money to be made and a whole world to control.

Предпросмотр: The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things = Эпическая борьба за «Интернет вещей».pdf (0,2 Мб)

The dot-com city. Silicon valley urbanism

Автор: Lange Alexandra
Стрелка Пресс: М.

On their bland campuses, the likes of Apple, Google and Facebook dominate the world, removed from the mess and the prying eyes of the real city. But while their products are discussed endlessly, their urbanism has rarely been. So what does it look like? To date, the Silicon Valley campus has served as a backdrop to many a sun-kissed founder photoshoot, but there is little understanding of the distinctive urban personality that separates the village of Facebook from the town of Google, or the truly urban Twitter (which recently decided to move to San Francisco’s notoriously un-gentrifiable Tenderloin). This investigation of the private towns of Silicon Valley examines the tech campus as a typology and attempts to discover what urban design says about companies we think we know.

Предпросмотр: The dot-com city. Silicon valley urbanism = Города-доткомы. Урбанизм Кремниевой долины.pdf (0,1 Мб)

The Design of Scarcity

Стрелка Пресс: М.

As growth was the defining condition of the 20th century, so scarcity is set to define the 21st. Already it pervades political discourse and shapes our reading of the economy and the environment. But scarcity is not just the inevitable result of growth and resource exploitation — every innovation results in new scarcities. Scarcity is constructed daily through the creation of desire, it is designed. The authors of this timely essay set out to establish a more sophisticated understanding of scarcity. Moving beyond the idea that lack and inequality are simply laws of nature, they argue that scarcity can be challenged. The message for architects and designers — experts in working with constraints — is that scarcity is a process, and one that can be productive. This essay asks us to throw out our simplistic Malthusian graphs and escape the stranglehold that scarcity has on our imaginations.

Предпросмотр: The Design of Scarcity = Дизайн дефицита.pdf (0,2 Мб)

The Slum Outside

Автор: Echanove Matias
Стрелка Пресс: М.

Matias Echanove and Rahul Srivastava joined forces through their blog airoots/eirut in 2006. They have since written extensively on urban themes and are working on projects involving architecture, planning, pedagogy and technology. They run the Institute of Urbanology in Mumbai and Goa and are co-founders of urbz.net, an experimental platform for collaborative practice in urban development.

Предпросмотр: The Slum Outside = Трущобы снаружи.pdf (0,2 Мб)

The action is the form. Victor's Hugo's TED talk

Автор: Easterling Keller
Стрелка Пресс: М.

Space is a technology. Buildings and the cities they inhabit have become infrastructural — mobile, monetized networks. For the world's power players, infrastructure space is a secret weapon, and the rest of us are only just beginning to realize. If Victor Hugo came back to give a TED talk, he might assert that architecture, which he once claimed had been killed by the book, is reincarnate as something more powerful still — as information itself. If this space is a secret weapon, says Keller Easterling, it is a secret best kept from those trained to make space — architects. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs in economics, the social sciences, informatics and activism are developing what might be called spatial software as a political instrument to outwit politics as usual.

Предпросмотр: The action is the form. Victor's Hugo's TED talk = Действие есть форма. Выступление Виктора Гюго на конференции TED.pdf (0,1 Мб)

Terra Europeana. Вып. 3

Изд-во ЮФУ: Ростов н/Д.

Альманах «Terra Europeana» является сборником научных исследований по проблемам изучения стран Европейского союза, написанных преподавателями и студентами высших учебных заведений Юга России. Авторы являются специалистами в таких областях, как культурология, история, экономика, философия, юриспруденция. В статьях рассматриваются различные вопросы, относящиеся к европейским исследованиям.

Предпросмотр: Terra Europeana Альманах научных работ Центра ЕС на Юго-Западе России.pdf (0,6 Мб)


Автор: Malevinskaia

The article covers the brightest sculpturesque solutions of the works of art of the 1920s devoted to the sport subject referring to the problem of expressing motion in painting and graphics. The lost and little-known works which had an essential impact on the formation of the genre but insufficiently examined by Russian Art Studies shall be regarded. And in particular, peculiarities of the pictures’ design of such masters as A. Deyneka, Yu. Pimenov, K. Vyalov and others. The most extraordinary solutions of the problem of graphic expression of movement were proposed by representatives of Moscow Higher Art and Technical Studios (VHUTEMAS), having addressed the dynamic sports plots. Plurality of the points of view and representation of the movement in various phases often express the dynamism of the object in art works; diagonal compositions with emphasis on geometrism are also used. Having consolidated formal and analytical approach to the form and realistic vision of life and having assimilated traditions of new trends of the beginning of the 20th century, the VHUTEMAS representatives reconceived the expressiveness of composition in the easel painting.


Three Paintings by Zdzisław Beksiński: Making Art Possible “After Auschwitz”

Автор: Koptseva

The article is dedicated to the art work of one of the most signiёcant Polish surrealist artists, Zdzisław Beksiński. The article reveals the main periods of the artist’s biography, lists the people of art who inяuenced the establishment of the author’s individual style and the art works Z. Beksiński preferred. Special attention is paid to the dichotomy of form and content as well as Z. Beksiński’s original opinion of it: the artist believed that the major signiёcance was borne by the form, not the content: what he created was the form, while content is something contributed by the spectators. The article continues with the review of three works by Z. Beksiński, leading to the following conclusion: in the situation when god has been cruciёed but not resurrected, when the human loses his last hope for salvation, when his forces are a null in the face of an unknown but horrifying enemy; in the situation of the End of the World, the total night when the monsters (such as the monstrous words) come alive, the only thing left for a human is to remember of this situation at every moment of time, to understand the nature of words and the threat they present, to understand the mechanism of protection from them; to take care of the closest people, to protect them, thereby allowing neither themselves nor himself to turn into stone of the horrors the reality brings. The ёnal analysis of art works by Z. Beksiński is performed through the prism of “after Auschwitz” art concept.


Talks on British Painting

Автор: Павленко Л. Г.

Пособие содержит хронологически последовательный материал о жизни и деятельности выдающихся английских художников от Хогарда до Берделея. Структура и содержание пособия направлены на организацию рецептивной и продуктивной речи. Материал представлен в виде бесед, каждый этап которых побуждает читателей к высказыванию, основанному на имеющемся опыте и на почерпнутых из пособия сведениях. Краткий словарь, сопровождающий тексты, облегчает восприятие информации. Дискуссионные вопросы направлены на развитие аргументации точки зрения. Иллюстрации знакомят с лучшими образцами живописи Великобритании. Разнообразные творческие задания предусматривают описание иллюстраций, их сопоставление с образцами мировой живописи. Пособие может быть использовано на занятиях по практике речи и для самостоятельной работы студентов.

Предпросмотр: Беседы о живописи Великобритании (1).pdf (1,4 Мб)

The Journal of Conference. The clash of civilizations


The clash of civilizations: culture, religion, nations, politics: International conference journal. Столкновение цивилизаций: культуры, религии, нации, политики: журнал Международная конференция.

Предпросмотр: The Journal of Conference. The clash of civilizations..pdf (0,8 Мб)

Tempus et Memoria (прежнее название - Известия Уральского федерального университета. Серия 3. Общественные науки

Новая серия публикаций по философии и ряду конкретных общественных наук, созданная по инициативе философского факультета университета. Большинство материалов журнала представлено в рубриках по проблемам, разработка которых требует совместных усилий философов, социологов, политологов, экономистов, культурологов и религиоведов.