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Purpose: A detailed analysis of the spatial-temporal variations of the polarized characteristics of an elliptically polarized radio wave propagating in various built-up environments. Methods: Analysis of the classical methods used for defining the polarized parameters of homogeneous monochromatic plane waves, arriving at the receiver antenna from various directions in free space, is briefly presented. These methods are adapted for the propagation scenarios occurring in four land builtup environments, where the complicated stochastic variations of wave polarization parameters have been observed experimentally and when the canonical methods are ineffective. The 3D classical presentation of the geometrical parameters of the polarized ellipse and Stocks parameters are used to analyze the co-polarized and cross-polarized components of the wave intensity in the vertical and horizontal plane of the polarization ellipse and their relations with the main parameters and characteristics of the built-up terrain are explored. Practical Relevance: The presented analysis allows to estimate theoretically the angle of wave depolarization and the polarization loss effects in rural, mixed residential, sub-urban, and urban areas. Such estimation allows designers of cellular networks to predict reception problems due to de-polarization in the presence of stochastic disturbances. Measurements that are taken prior to the deployment of cellular networks can now be limited to “problematic antenna positions” that are predicted by the presented model. To the best knowledge of the authors such results are presented for the first time. doi:10.15217/issn1684-8853.2015.1.77