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Impact of seasonal variations of ambient seismic noise level on the number of registered earthquakes in the Arctic regions

Автор: Morozova

Researchers at the Seismological Laboratory of the Institute of Geodynamics and Geology of the Federal Center for Integrated Arctic Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FCIARctic) have been engaged in the seismological monitoring of the European Arctic sector since 2011. In this paper, we present a comparative assessment of the earthquakes spatial distribution in this region based on the data from the International Seismological Centre (ISC) and the FCIARctic’s Arkhangelsk Seismic Network (ASN) obtained in 2012– 2016. The paper presents the waveforms of earthquakes occurred at the Gakkel Ridge and the Svalbard archipelago processed with the use of a Russian software package WSG (Windows Seismic Grafer) recommended by the Unified Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A standard 4–8 Hz bandpass filter was used for the processing of regional Arctic earthquakes. The impact of seasonal variations on the quality of earthquakes registration was analysed based on the seismograms recorded by the ASN’s island-based Arctic stations from 2012 to 2014 The same analysis was done for the central broadband sensor SPA0 of the Norwegian NORSAR-owned SPITS group installed at the Svalbard archipelago. A correlation has been established between the number of earthquakes recorded by the ASN’s island Arctic stations and SPA0 station. The number of regional earthquakes, recorded by ASN’s island Arctic stations is is smaller in summer-autumn periods than in winter periods. Forthe SPA0 station, which is part of SPITS group, there is not seasonality in the number of registered earthquakes. Generally, earthquakes are recorded uniformly, exception on January. This might be due to the increased seismic activity in the Svalbard archipelago during that period.


Investigation of tribotechnical and corrosion behaviour of material for light-alloy drill pipes

Автор: Shakirova

Special aluminum alloys appear to be promising materials for manufacture of high-strength light-alloy drill pipes (HSLADP) that can be used in areas with a severe climate and challenging geology. The effect of using light-alloy drill pipes (LADP) depends directly on the properties of the aluminum alloys from which such pipes are made. As the wells become deeper and horizontal wellbores get longer, use of LADPs becomes more relevant. Since light-alloy pipes are 2.8 times softer than steel pipes, LADPs offer the same performance as steel drill pipes of the lowest strength grade even in the case of rotary drilling. The materials from which such pipes are made have a number of unique advantages: extra light weight in the drill mud, allowing the coefficient of sliding friction between the pipe surface and the borehole wall to be reduced; high corrosion resistance in aggressive media with A high concentration of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide; and high magnetic inductive capacity that allows LADPs to be used as a housing for MWD (measurement while drilling) and LWD (logging while drilling) telemetry systems during well-drilling operations. This study suggests methods for industrial production of submicrocrystalline (SMC) structure in aluminum alloys with the help of severe plastic deformation. Through the example of model aluminum-lithium alloys 1420 (Al-Mg-Li-Zr) and 1460 (Al-Сu-Li-Zr), the researchers demonstrate that SMC structure helps significantly increase resistance to wear and reduce the rate of corrosion depending on the pH value. The research team also states that severe plastic deformation methods may be used to develop highly promising technologies for manufacture


III Информационная школа молодого ученого: сборник научных трудов


В сборнике представлены доклады Всероссийской междисциплинарной молодежной научной конференции с международным участием "III Информационная школа молодого ученого" (Екатеринбург, 26-30 августа 2013 г. Конференция организована Центральной научной библиотекой УрО РАН при поддержке Секции специальных научных, научно-технических и технических библиотек Российской библиотечной ассоциации, научно-технических и технических библиотек УрО РАН (проект № 13-6-МШ-649). Материалы сборника содержат результаты исследований в различных отраслях естественных, технических и гуманитарных наук молодых ученых Екатеринбурга, Перми, Сыктывкара, Ижевска, Новосибирска и статьи ведущих докладчиков конференции. Один из разделов посвящен информационно-библиотечному обеспечению науки. Сборник представляет интерес для ученых различных специальностей и библиотечных специалистов. DOI:10.15217/25816

Предпросмотр: III Информационная школа молодого ученого сборник научных трудов.pdf (3,1 Мб)