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Kutafin University Law Review (KULawR)

On behalf of the Kutafin University Law Review, let us be among the fi rst to welcome you to the pages of our journal. We hope you will fi nd this periodical as enjoyable as we do. This is one of the few English-language legal journals in Russia. The Kutafi n Moscow State Law University (MSAL) was founded in 1939 as a successor of the Judicial Courses. Today, the MSAL is the biggest and most famous Law University within the territory of the former Soviet Union. About 18.000 students are studying different law disciplines behind the walls of the MSAL at the moment. The Kutafin University Law Review (KULawR) was established by the MSAL in 2014 as an editorial project aimed to spread legal knowledge generated by leading Russian scholars all over the world. Their achievements have not been accessible to respective non-Russian speaking audiences for a long time. One of the main ideas of this journal is to fi ll that gap. In addition, we welcome contributions from all legal researchers from every corner of the world. We would like to bring the Kutafi n University Law Review to the level of a new and authentically international law journal. It presumes that the content of the periodical should refl ect actual, modern, and innovative legal issues. The contents of the KULawR cover different legal branches and scholarships. We would be happy to focus on random topics of law, as well as allied sciences – legal sociology, criminology, forensics, etc. The pages of the KULawR are opened for a wide range of new and creative opinions.


Knowledge Engineering: a Learning and Application Guide

Автор: Gavrilova T. A.
Высшая школа менеджмента: СПб.

Knowledge Engineering is the discipline of mapping intellectual assets. Through this guide, students are introduced to the major practical issues of knowledge engineering techniques. Developing business information structuring skills are the key to successful knowledge representation and sharing in any organisation. Students are trained to use Mind Manager and CMap software in order to support understanding of highly multidisciplinary horizons of knowledge engineering. Applications of recent advances in information processing and cognitive science to management problems are introduced in a variety of interrelated exercises designed to form an e-portfolio. The design of an e-portfolio makes it possible to reveal the tradeoffs of visual knowledge modelling, invent and evaluate different alternative methods and solutions for better understanding, representation, sharing and transfer of knowledge.

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