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Military Progress in the Global World: new Tendencies and Problems

Автор: Maximov

The present article analyses peculiarities of military progress manifestation in the global world. The author relies on the thesis that military progress acts as a part of social progress. He demonstrates that the nature of military progress is contradictory, as it may manifest itself as more than just technical progress. The article draws attention to the fact that military progress may be also described with such concepts as valour, patriotism, courage. The author proves that in different societies military progress depends on their historical traditions. Military progress is a permanently evolving system which gains signiёcance with one set of parameters in one case, but requires a radically different one in another. This fact gives us opportunity to study different structures of military progress and dynamics of the features that come to the fore, being taken for military progress during a given historical period. Moreover, military progress is expected to present an aggressive component of the social progress, as it is military progress that maximally characterizes the society’s capacity to confront any external threat. Understanding of the military progress concept requires adequate assessment of its deployment along with the indicators of economic, political, spiritual, and social spheres of social life. The process of military progress must make the enemy constantly ёnd itself in a catching-up, unpredictable position. Keeping the enemy this way makes it feel weak. In such a case, military progress can be said to satisfy the social expectations. For instance, military exhibitions are intended to demonstrate the types of armour the enemy lacks, making them feel weak in the spiritual, social, political, and economic aspects of their military progress. In the author’s opinion, dialectic approach to military progress suggests several principal trends. If military progress acts as a component of an aggressive process in social life, it requires a wellplanned strategy and tactics. Strategy suggests a situation, in which the enemy is in permanently tense condition for a long period of time: they are forced to think for us, assuming where we might go and what our ideas might be. We need to bring the enemy to the situation of entropy, making all its actions as costly and socially uncomfortable as possible. To fulёl such a task, we need to study the enemy continuously and profoundly. It is important to think of what our actions should be to cause the enemy make some ill-advised, and at the same time costly steps. Military progress is closely associated with potential war that takes new features in the today’s global world. Global connections are made by means of the rapidly developing global communication network, military and technical factors, environmental problems, migration processes, expanding international contacts of different kinds, especially cultural ones, international relations system and the need for regulation of the processes going on in the global community.



Статья рассматривает одну из многочисленных интерпретаций взглядов Н. Макиавелли – интерпретацию известного этолога Ф. де Вааля, проводившего сравнение между принципами социального поведения, сформулированными в произведении Макиавелли «Государь» и социальными стратегиями шимпанзе. «Макиавеллианский интеллект» выступает как метафора, позволяющая исследо- вать социальное поведение людей и животных.